الاثنين، نوفمبر 14، 2011


Dear Friend,
Is it not so sad to know that for the past 10 years now more than €105Million has being diverted and stolen from the African continent by some greedy and corrupt politicians through the help of their influential and powerful colleagues serving in various government authorities to divert and transfer this fund through our bank out of Africa to the Overseas? This funds were derived from the sale of Gold and Crude oil and was meant to be used for the development of the African nations and the continent at large. As a banker working in the Foreign Remittance Department, I want you to know that I have acted as the Account Officer to most of this politicians several times because I have being involved in this kind of many financial transfer transaction done by these corrupt politicians from our bank to the Overseas. So when I now discovered that this politicians were only using me to achieve their selfish aims by transferring this huge amount of fund through our bank to the Overseas without me gaining much from it, I decided to use my position and the opportunity as a top bank official to divert the sum of €6.8Million to a Supplementary Account that has nobody's name and belonging to no one in the bank and then clean-up the records and files concerning this €6.8Million from our Bank's Computerized Data-base Financial Record so that there will be no trace of this fund (€6.8Million).

Now the reason I have contacted you is this; the bank's management are now very much anxious to know who owns this fund (€6.8Million) in the account. I just need a trustworthy and honest foreign partner that will present himself or herself to the bank as the owner of this fund (€6.8Million) in that account. Listen, this is how we are going to do it, you will have to send your personal information to me which I will have to program as the owner of the fund (€6.8Million) in the Bank's Computerized Data-base Financial Record, then later you will write to apologize to the management of the bank and after you will instruct the bank to transmit the fund into an Automated Transferred Money (ATM) Visa Card Account in your name and post to you. We need to accomplish this transaction as soon as possible. So, if you are interested kindly send the following information to me immediately:

1). Your full name (as it is written in your id card or passport)
2). Your contact address.
3). Your phone number.
3). Date of Birth.
4). Occupation.
5). Marital status (Married or Single)

Please know that immediately I received the above information from you, I will proceed to program this information in the Bank's Computerize Data-base Financial Record as the legitimate owner of this fund (€6.8 Million) in the Supplementary Account.

Yours sincerely
Mr. Faruq Abass

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